Thursday, October 30, 2008

Poor, neglected blog ...

Anyone left visiting this poor, abandoned blog will probably be thinking I have run away to join the circus. We just seem to have been really busy. Not doing a lot, but doing enough for me to just run out of time for blogging. However, a few of my friends have given me a nudge (see, sarcasm does work!!) and I am here again.
It's been half term holidays for us this week and my Mam took the week off too so we've been out and about having a few adventures. On Monday we went down to Middlesbrough, to where I go for a monthly crop for a lovely day doing my friend Gail Milburn's 'glue and stick' class. We had a really lovely day making advent calendars using a baking sheet and magnets. Everyone used the same design and just made them their own with the papers and embellishments. Mam made a snowman themed calendar in pink and blue colours and I made a more traditional red and green coloured one. They are both hybrid calendars, all the papers except one piece of patterned paper were printed from digital kits.

Yesterday we went for a day out to the Yorkshire Dales. We visited Richmond, Leyburn and Hawes and spent a rather scrummy half hour tasting cheese at the Wensleydale cheese factory. Of course we had to bring some home too and it is simply delicious :) The weather was sooooooooooo cold though, at 2.30 in the afternoon it was only 2 degrees!! These photographs don't really show how cold it was - I should have taken a picture of my blue hands and rudolph red nose!!

Tomorrow we are going out again, down the coast for a walk, a bit of a poke around some shops and fish and chips beside the sea - I shall wear my thermals.
I have managed to do some crafting in between these adventures, hopefully I shall manage some more at the weekend - I am feeling very inspired now to do all sorts of Christmas crafts :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Blowing my own trumpet ...

Because if you can't toot your own horn on your own blog then there is something seriously wrong. I have two tootity toots today. On Saturday I flicked through the new Scrapbook Inspirations magazine whilst I was in The Scrapbook Shop and I have a layout published in there which made me happy.

Today my smile grew even bigger as the postman delivered a package from America with a copy of Papercrafts Magazine Card Creations 6 and I have a card published in there too. It's a fab magazine, I've only flicked through it but if you make cards then you really must by a copy, it seems to be jam packed with great cards, scrummy eye candy :)

Also, I spent a while playingwith paper over the weekend
(credits here)
(credits here)
(credits here)
(credits here)
(credits here)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A spot of shopping ...

I have a lovely friend, Joanne, who is a Stampin' Up! demonstrator. She's currently sitting in her house packing up an enormous order for me and some other friends from the stampin up catalogue that I ordered. Some stamps, colours and a load of new punches, including the new scallop edge punch.

I've already got the Fiskars threading water scalloped edge punch but I wanted one without the holes too. I can't wait! Also, to go with all my lovely new stampin up stash I went to the crop at The Scrapbook Shop yesterday and bought lots of lovely new May Arts ribbons, Gill makes the nicest ribbon bunches and I just couldn't resist them :)
I've been busy with school stuff and attempting to get my printer fixed and working again, it's very temperamental and seems to choose days when it doesn't want to do any work - usually when I *NEED* to print something out, but I've still managed to make a few cards and crafty things.

(credits here)

(credits here)

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(credits here)

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(credits here)
(credits here)
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(credits here)

Now I'm off to finish some projects before I go into town for a shopping trip with my Mam, it was payday on Friday so now we're beginning to think of Christmas parcels and gifts :)

Andrea xxx

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Catching Up ...

So, here I am catching up - again!!

I have been poorly with a flu type virus. Oh my goodness, I knew I was poorly when I had no energy for either making cards or online shopping!

These cards are some of what I have been up to during the last few weeks.

I have been tagged by Gloria this week too.
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7 facts about me~
1. I have blue eyes that change to turquoise in the summer sun.
2. I have a degree in art, textiles and technology - ha! electronics and metal work - like I've used these skills in my life :lol:
3. I love to wear stripes
4. I am a hopeless cook - if I have to cook then I make sandwiches :lol:
5. My favourite country to visit is Italy - sun, sea and ermmm..... pizza!!
6. I am incredibly shy
7. It's taken me all week to get this far, my brain is boggled thinking of 6 so number 7 has been abandoned!
I tag:
and anyone else who reads this and wants a challenge :)