Monday, January 12, 2009

Hmm - January?

January seems to be taking a long time to get to the end - why didn't December take this long huh? School is keeping me busy busy busy as we've started teaching in a whole new way with new planning, a different curriculum and new record keeping but I'm liking it.

I am doing okay with my Project 365 photographs. I am trying to make them meaningful to me and not just include random stuff so they are all things I have done (like spend an entire morning attempting to get the kids in my class to sort the plastic bears into colour families), places I have been, stuff that has happened etc. Although I am taking them each day it is taking me a couple of days to download them and edit them but I am feeling happy that I am doing it and enjoying doing it.

I've also done a spot of crafting too over the weekend which was good for my creative soul. Some things I can't share but these two I can. I love that lil' froggy so much - I think he will be appearing on lots of cards!

And Jenni, if you are reading this sweetie I am so excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yizz said...

I so wish I had taken some photos of the Compare Bears when I was in Reception. Great pics!

Anabelle O'Malley said...

I love your pics! those red boots are the cutest. And your cards are adorable. Love the little frog!