Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Spot Of Shopping

I do love my postman, he brings me such lovely things :)  I'm not sure he loves me though as I make him carry heavy packages and he never sees me at my best - hedgehog hair, pyjamas and that creased look on the cheeks when you've just climbed out of bed (you have a mental image now don't you).  Anyway, this is what my lovely postie brought me just the other day

Lots of gorgeous gorgeous felt from Paper and String and lovely Papertrey goodies including turquoise ribbon and my new flower shaped dies.  Such prettiness, and I have even used quite a bit of that lot already which is quite good for me as I tend to keep everything for 'best' and stockpile - I'm sure you know what I mean :)


natty said...

Oooh lovely stash Andrea, I bet you'll have fun playing with that! Look forward to seeing what you do with the felt especially. :D

Tinkertaylor said...

Those flower dies look fab. All my postman brought me today was a box of sprouting potatoes?

Unknown said...

OOOhhh Paper and String...teal is my current favourite :D Gorgeous banner
L x