Monday, December 28, 2009

Cards and stuff ...

We had a fantastic Christmas and actually we're still having a great time as I'm off school for another week, it's my birthday tomorrow and then we have New Year's Eve to celebrate. Santa Claus was very kind to me this year and brought me oodles of lovely gifts and suprises and my fingers have been itching to start creating again so I made some thank you cards and a couple of birthday cards. It was refreshing to create a non Christmas, non winter card and begin to use some different colours.
Whilst I was hunting for the image for that card on my computer I found a few Christmas things that I hadn't shared. This card is still sitting on my desk because I really liked it and couldn't bring myself to give it to someone else!

I made a couple of these to give away as small gifts - Snowman Poop!

This was the party invitation I made for Haggis's birthday party last week, that sweet little doggie is a stamped image from Little Claire Designs.

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Jenyfur said...

Lovely work and your photography is just excellent!