Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve ...

All is calm here and we're ready for Santa to arrive :) I have my last two Christmas cards to share tonight. I used a Hanglar stamp to make a special sparkly card for Mam and Dad, a bit last minute but at least they got one this year :)

I have searched for weeks looking for my holly leaves punch and found it this morning! Just in time to use on at least one card :)
My last card of the season is a cute little reindeer with a sparkly nose and goggly eyes. I used the leftover punched holly leaf and red gemstones from my other card to embellish him.
Haggis is waiting for Santa Claus and spent the majority of the day snoozing on the back of the settee, wrapped up in a blanket watching the snow through the window. Merry Christmas x


Brodders said...

Andrea love your mam and dad's card. And poor Haggis perhaps the snow has pooped him out XX

Anonymous said...

Andrea - thanks for the ard - it was sooooo nice of you to spare some time to do a special card for me! love from Mam xxxx