Sunday, March 25, 2007

Still learning how to do digi...

...My brain feels like it is about to explode but I have finally managed to make a digi layout that I think is okay-ish. With a bit of help from my pad friends I've learned how to do drop shadows, use actions to make normal fonts look like they have been foam stamped and how to give my photographs an inked edge. I have been on my computer for hours and I can't remember how I did some of the things but I'm beginning to learn a bit more about Photoshop Elements 5. I'm off to lie down in adarkened room and let my brain slow down a bit - it's whizzing along faster than a speeding train!

1 comment:

Kate (aka whatkatiedid) said...

Yay! A convert!! Great foam action on the titlework (and the photo is so cute too!)

Welcome to the digi-side!!!