Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Dare...

The dare for this week over at DCM was to use gold on a card. Now I just don't 'do' gold, not on my crafts or in my house or on jewellery or anything really but I've been making an altered wooden tree to go on the hearth during the Christmas season and the living room colours are cream so the tree really needed golden snowflakes. Whilst I was making the golden snowflakes for the tree I pinched one to go on my card and I think it actually looks alright. It's 10:30 and it's dark so I had to take a picture on my desk (obviously I had to clear a space to get a 6 inch card into first!!) so the picture is rather naff but I tried to get the glitter to sparkle.

If anyone can leave me a few hints about taking pictures indoors in the dark please leave me a comment!!
Thank you to the forum friends who have asked after my back. It's a LOT better then it was but still hurts if I move or bend the wrong way or move quickly unexpectedly. I'm getting out for more walks but the weather is so horrible - wet and cold - that I'm worried that I shiver and start it all off again so we are going to try indoor walking in the shopping centre. Hopefully if we go through the day it won't be too busy and I can just walk along at my own pace and sit down when I need too. (My Mam has just read that part over my shoulder and said who was I kidding - not too busy 5 weeks before Christmas!!) Anyway, we'll see tomorrow when we try it out.


Carol Mcleod said...

This looks FAB. I really like the gold! It works well.

Kathy said...

Good to hear your back is a bit better - just make sure you don't forget about it and do something daft!
Lovely card Andrea, the gold looks fab.
As for taking pics - I take mine near a window, I always set the "white balance" which helps a lot, then once they are uploaded I tweak the brightness a bit, and occasionally do a bit of "histogram adjustment". Last thing is to always sharpen the image before saving. My pics aren't perfect by any means but it does help to do that lot, especially when days are a bit grey