Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Lovely new places to spend your money...

My friends have been 'enabling' (I love that word) me these past few weeks and have pointed me in the direction of some new stores to add to my ever growing list of places to send my pay cheque to when it arrives.

My lovely friend Maria sent me off to look at One Hundred Wishes. Oh my goodness I practically had to buy one of everything it was so gorgeous! I was fairly restrained though and ordered some gorgeous lace, paper, pins and 'wish' raffle tickets and some other bits and bobs. Really fast delivery from across the pond and my goodies were all wrapped up in lovely tissue and ribbon which always make things seem even nicer.

Kay introduced me to another fantastic digital store which is right up my street (what I would give to be on the CT for that one) called Shabby Pickle Designs. Kay is a guest designer there this month and I got to play with the kit she is selling.

It's a gorgeous kit, really girly and has loads of papers and elements that aren't monkey related so it's just perfect for anything girly.

At the weekend Shabby Pickle had a free kit download which is pretty pretty pretty, I can't wait to play with it and I've got quite a long wish list too :)

Other news - I've applied for a Creative Team position at one of my favourite digi stores so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that an email will drop into my inbox really soon and I've bought a treadmill!!! Not for running on I have to add but for walking, so that I can get more exercise to help my poorly back. Hopefully more walking and the really strict diet I have put myself on will help me in my quest to lose a lot of weight. It's being delivered tomorrow :)

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Shannon said...

First time to your website! Thanks for all the links! Now I must go and look and spend money I don't have! lol