Saturday, August 15, 2009

Haggis ...

This is the card that I made Dad for Fathers day, when I posted it then I said how it looked so much like my Haggis.

And this is the little chap in the garden last week. He's had an operation the week before and had to wear one of those silly looking lampshade collars which he hated but now he's all mended and loving being able to have his ears stick up in the air :) We love him very much and you can't stop cross with him for long when he gets himself in trouble - which he does on a minute by minute basis :lol:
I just wanted to post this for the family and friends who come to visit my blog

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Sanne said...

I´m not family or friend, but your dog card is too cute. So is your dog. I have a little Coton dog named Freja ;-)
Enjoy your weekend!
Sanne from Denmark :0)