Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Just because I can ...

'Just because I can' seems to have become our phrase for the summer and we are enjoying skipping off for the day to have an adventure, sleeping in until late, staying in our pyjamas until lunchtime (or later if I can manage) and generally having a whole lot of fun 'just because we can'.

At the moment our 'just because we can' adventure has led all of us including Haggis off for a caravan holiday in Norfolk (hopefully sunny Norfolk) beside the sea.

And - just because I can - I've set my blog to publish a few posts whilst I am away having fun.

I recently rediscovered Magnolia stamps and have indulged in a few new ones after selling most of my old ones last year because I wasn't using them.
I love these little charms dangling off my flowers, I bought them from The Hobby House

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