Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lovely Friends ...

Last week when I came home from my holiday I had a whole stack of emails but one inparticular made my heart happy, my lovely lovely friend Kay Miller is getting back into her designing groove and starting up her Design Team again. I am so happy because Kay is just about the nicest person I have come across during my wander around the online crafting community and working for her is a pleasure.

So today she has put a new kit into her store and here is my card using the papers from the kit.

And, my lovely friend Jane showed me a card she had made with a really sweet set of Scotty dogs (just like my Haggis) so of course I had to buy the stamp and use it to make a birthday card for another friend.

Little scamp that Haggis is - he's eaten the 'o' key from my keyboard so now I have 2 gaps where I have to type by pressing down into the rubber cushion as he had already chewed the number 8 key off. I can't stay cross with him for long though!

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