Friday, January 08, 2010

Icicles ...

Today I have been to work. School was closed for the children but open for any staff who could get there so this morning I set off to walk even though it was -9! There was about 15 staff members who had walked or got a bus in, out of more than 60 and it was freezing cold once I got there too. Anyway it was all made worthwhile when I spotted the icicles out of my classroom window. Oh My Goodness I have NEVER seen icicles like these before and there were hundreds of them.

I started taking some photographs and then I realised I should be measuring them as they were so long. I hunted out our metre measuring stick and reaching up as far as I could - and taking the photograph with my other hand - I measured it and it was LONGER than a metre!
Then I spotted the ground underneath and I haven't seen this before either, kind of like a pile of hundreds or perfectly smooth ice pebles, all different sizes and completely welded to each other.
This weather, whilst it has brought utter chaos to our part of the country and has been the most magical of places has certainlt shown us the beauty of nature.

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Kate Hadfield said...

Wow, what great photos!! I have such a thing for icicles, I get really excited when I see one! We have a couple here but they are tiny (about an inch - yours are amazing!

Hope you are keeping warm!