Thursday, January 07, 2010

More Snow ...

There is even more of the white stuff in my corner of the world today. It snowed quite a bit through yesterday and I took these photographs of the hill beside my house during the rush hour. Normally there would be cars backed right down the hill queuing to get up into and through the village but as you can see there was no queue last night.

This morning I went out in the back garden in my pyjamas with my ruler to measure the snow and nearly lost it! There is just over 11 inches of snow out there so consequently school is shut. It's higher up through the village from where we live and because it's a special school the kids come from all over our county in mini buses so no school today.
I've done a spot of work (Jane if your're reading this!) and then I did some crafty work for Sweet Shoppe Designs and now Haggis and I are curled up on the sofa watching my favourite ever film - The Day After Tomorrow :)

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x Sue said...

Wow - the weather the UK is having at the mo is amazing! I saw a satellite image of the UK and the whole of it is just white! x Sue