Friday, January 01, 2010

It's A New Year ...

My favourite type of weather greeted me when I opened my curtains this morning - more snow! So of course we had to pull our welly boots on and go for a little mooch along the street. First though I went into the garden with my ruler to measure - 4 inches, that's a lot for where we live. Halfway down the street I realised that our garden is quite sheltered and in reality we had about 6 inches of snow. Even better :) Haggis found it more difficult though as he only has short legs and 6 inches of thick snow is quite an obstacle when you are only about a foot tall :lol:

Today I have posted a mini tutorial over at Sweet Shoppe Designs to create this card, check it out in the forums here


Tanja S said...

What lovely photos, especially the one of Haggis looking down the path of snow - you have managed to capture the beauty of snow. Happy New Year from sunny South Australia (where I only wish we could have occasional snow)!

Brodders said...

Aww look at Haggis in his red coat looking all snug and proud.
I have left an award for uou on my blog xxx