Saturday, April 07, 2007

A bit of inspiration for a Saturday morning...

This morning I've crossed off another thing on my list of things to do - update the links to the blogs I read down the side there --------->
It didn't take long to do but I hate doing admin type tasks, I could never work in an office I would be far too depressed. Don't worry, I'm the same at school - I have a drawer labelled 'filing' and when it gets so full that I can't squeeze anything extra in I'm meant to file it all but in reality I tend to just start another one. The girls I work with made me spend a whole afternoon before the Easter holidays emptying and filing the whole caboodle - very depressing. Anyway, I have digressed.
So who has been added to the list? The very talented Heather whose blog I visit everyday and think that you should too, Suzanne Torr who is one of the most fantastic scrappers that I know of and the only one of my online friends that I have actually met in real life and she is just a fabulous person and is through to the TOP 5 OF MM IDOL!!!!! I added a few digi blogs too that I seem to visit regularly and some textile/fabric blogs that I also visit to feast my eyes on their gorgeous creations and piles of rather colourful fabric.

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