Friday, April 13, 2007

Fridays Adventures...

Today we had a day out at Alnwick Gardens. The weather was supposed to be sunny and warm - just right for a picnic. Well, it didn't go to plan as the weather was NOT warm and sunny. Instead it was misty, damp and freezing cold. I made Mam take a picture out of the car window as we were driving up the A1 and even at 11:45 when we arrived the temperature was only 8 degrees.
We enjoyed wandering around all of the fountains and I got a very wet coat and jeans because I wasn't concentrating on where I was going and was looking through my camera instead.

The treehouse was lovely, we really wanted to have afternoon tea in the restaurant but they weren't serving until much later so we made do with a chocolate muffin in the car.

Mam was a real wuss and didn't want to walk across the bridges so she took photographs of me bouncing along them instead.

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Karen said...

Beautiful photos, lol at the wet coat! :D