Sunday, June 24, 2007

My Workshop...

Over on It's A Creative World Cath has made a smashing post all about craft spaces with photographs of some amazing craft spaces from around the world that will make your ears turn green and shrek-like with envy!

I do have my own crafty room, well I share it with my dad, but at the moment my brother is living in it(it's the small bedroom). So, I have set up shop in the utility room in our house. Luckily for me we had only just finished converting the garage into a big utility room when my brother moved back home. We are busy painting the cupboard fronts at the moment so that's why they look different colours - they are all at different stages of the painting process.

We've got one long bench right down one wall and on this we've got both mine and Dad's computer and two printers and this is where I work. My crafting stash is spread out around the house but I have the necessities and the basics in three sets of drawers from IKEA that sit under the work bench and I have some of my 'can't work without' jars on the bench top. They hold my ric rac, lace, sewing machine threads and chalk ink. All my pencils and pens and small tools and my scissors are in metal pots that sit on either side of my monitor. It's very cosy in here but I can't wait until I can move back into my proper workshop room and I can have everything on hand, when I'm busy working away in here I never know what I'll be sharing the bench with - laundry, wine rack, ironing pile etc.

It can be difficult to get motivated when you have to fetch 4 different boxes of resources from four different rooms of the house before you can even decide what you want to do. I like to get everything out and mooch around it all before deciding what I'm going to make, create, do, alter etc.


Mary said...

What a fab crafty room you have - you're so lucky your Mum lets you share with her!! Do you always tidy up after you've finished crafting?

Andrea said...

Hello Mam. Tidy up - what's that?