Saturday, June 23, 2007


I went shopping last night (what did we all do before late night shopping and the Metro Centre was invented?) and finally bought my new camera. A Canon 400D. I am so pleased with it but I've yet to read the manual!! We took it down to the quayside tonight and even though it's been dark, wet and thundery all day here and the pictures were taken when the daylight was fading too quickly I am still pleased with the outcome.

In other news:
I have a horrible cold, the type you get in winter when you can't bend your head as it feels like it will explode and your head and face hurt all the time. Great, just as well it is the weekend as I would never have been able to go to work today, I struggled to get through Friday afternoon and felt like I was really snapping at the kids.
If you leave a comment over on It's A Creative World you could be in with a chance of winning a voucher to spend at PaperMaze from the very generous Ness.
Work is busy busy BUSY! 4 weeks left until the end of term, reports that need to be written, end of term assessments and I'm taking 6 kids up to Northumberland for a residential holiday. All this and then the dreaded OFSTED rears its head. Two special schools inspected at the same time as us in the last round have been done this week so it looks like we might be in for a visit. If that isn't enough to be trying to fit into four weeks I will be interviewed for a management position to be KeyStage 1 and Foundation Stage Co-ordinator and I have to move classrooms.
I have done some creative things this week but they are for future projects so are no go areas at the moment.

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