Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Busy Times...

I can't believe there is only 1 week left of the school year, I'm looking forward to my long summer holiday but there is such a lot to be done before we can finish next Friday. I was asked to make a new baby card that wasn't boring baby blue so I made this with lots of different digi papers - and it wasn't for a sketch challenge!
At the weekend some special friends came to visit. Sue moved to New Zealand a couple of years ago and we haven't seen her since then but it was just like old times. We sat in the garden on Sunday afternoon and then we went for an Indian meal at our favourite restaurant on Sunday night. Corrie came for a visit too and she has now finished at Oxford and is graduating from Uni next week - hence the visit from Sue.

After the meal we drove down to the Gateshead side of the quayside to look at the millenium bridge. This is why I like living in Newcastle. It is one of my favourite places in the world and is right on my doorstep.

I've got lots planned this weekend with three bunny orders to fill and more card making and I have to write a letter of application for a promotion/grown up job at work :) So a busy time all round when added to all the usual end of year work and assessment at school.


Jules said...

So lovely to have long distance friends visit isn't it? We have friends in Australia and I so look forward to seeing them. I would look forward all the more to visiting them, but finances dictate that impossible :o(
Good luck with the job application. whoops nearly forgot, I love that baby card!

x Sue said...

Hi Andrea

Have finally got on to see the photos - I look stunning as usual!

We had a great time and it all seems like a dream. I've been back at work one whole week now already!

See you when you visit here!

Corrie is all settled in now.

x Sue