Friday, July 06, 2007

I'm back!

I've had such a fun time on the school residential holiday, I always love going and this year has been the best - fab kids, fab foods, fab friends and support staff and fab times! No pictures yet but I did take some lovely shots of the penguins at the zoo yesterday, really hoping they've come out okay as I haven't looked at my camera yet. I am exhausted and have suvived on about 5 hours sleep but it was well worth it to take the kids away (and of course I had the added bonus of missing Ofsted when they inspected the school whilst we were away!!)

I've been catching up with online friends and just have to say that Jaq at A String Of Beads is donating 10% of all her sales to The Eve Appeal to help raise funds for research into gynaecological cancers. She's made some gorgeous Dolly beads this week too so why not pop over and take a peep (I've pinched this picture from her shop website - aren't they gorgeous!!!!)


Marlou said...

Love my Dolly beads and I have just popped over and purchased two, im lovin these beads also big fan of Mandas at mango beads. Got my dolly bangle the other day love it, all I need is a bracelet too :)

Jules said...

Welcome back, glad it was an enjoyable holiday :o)