Saturday, August 25, 2007


We spent a lovely day in Harrogate yesterday, the weather was perfect and just how summer should be :)

There is a Betty's Teashop at the garden and as we left we spotted this little fellow - isn't he sweet!
Sadly though, he was just too tasty!!!!!!!!!
On the way to Harrogate we stopped off for a snack, drink and toilet stop and look what I bought in BHS of all places.
I have always wanted a picnic basket and this is just perfect - white wicker with pale pink polka dot lining and pink and white accessories.
SB and Percy just had to have an adventure in it too, they think it's their own personal carriage!
The squirrel has been back in our garden too. If anyone knows anything about squirrels could you comment on whether our little visitor is a red squirrel or a grey squirrel. He certainly not the same colour as the grey squirrels in the park who are quite dull and definitely grey, ours seems to have a ginger look to him, especially when the sun shines on him. He was rather naughty this time and he managed to knock the birds nut box off the bird table. I might have egged him on mind by sprinkling some nuts on the grass!


Wife2TJ said...

Beautiful pictures, that mouse candy is sooo cute!

Yizz said...

Sorry to dissappoint but I believe your squirrel to be a grey, as some greys can have red feet and red down their backs.
Still loving these cards, and its just amazing how many brilliant but different cards you have been able to make with them.

Celeste said...

Yep definitely a grey squirrel, some of them are quite red. Red squirrels have little tufty hairy ears, and are smaller than grey ones.

Kathy said...

These photos are fab Andrea!

lyzzydee said...

Somehow I havenever come across your blog before!! how strange, great shots I love the bee on the flower ts very multi coloured!!