Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas is coming...

... and I have made all the cards for my special orders - hurrah!!!! Hardly any time left until Christmas now and we break up for the holidays from school in 2 days time. All my parcels have been bought and wrapped although I am waiting for some special deliveries coming through the post still.

I have finally remembered to take a photograph of my card for this weeks dare over the daring Card Makers. The dare was 'inside out' this week and I adapted this as the envelope being the outside and the card being the inside. I think this might be my favourite card that I have made recently. Please excuse the not very good photograph but it's dark and wet and has been all week and I eventually got fed up of waiting for a sunny morning before I go to work to take them and took it in the kitchen just now.
It's a digi base with a fab felt snowman from my friend Dawn and for the envelope I printed, stitched glued and added a rhonna farrer journalling block for the address.

(Bits and bobs from Jen Wilson, Kate Hadfield, Rhonna farrer and Shabby Princess)

The nursery nurse who works in my class wanted a card for her little boy Ben, who will be 10 on Boxing Day, she was so impressed with this one because he's getting a guitar for Christmas! It was a fluke, but a happy one.

(Shabby Princess bits and pieces and a Sugar Nellie stamp)


Gillian :O) said...

WOWEE.... Andrea!!!!
What a FANTASTIC take on the dare, I love the envie, and your card is just sooooo gorgeous!
and the Ben card is really COOL!
fantastic happy fluke too :)

Andrea, said...

Fab cards. merry Christmas

Tanya said...

I am impressed, Andrea!! Your cards look wonderful! Beautiful work!! Ben will be very pleased!

Nick said...

gorgeous cards andrea-I especially love the guitar one!

Stempelchaotin said...

Wow they are really fabulous. Lovely Cards.

Penny said...

It's a really fun card. Love the envelope too. You have a fabulous style :)

Paula said...

Oh wow - fantastic creations.
Your cards are so lovely to look at.
And I love your snow pictures!
Merry Christmas from a HOT Sydney.
Paula :)

Anonymous said...

Oh what I would give to be talented like you.
Jane ( Brods)