Sunday, December 16, 2007

He's making a list and checking it twice...

I'm convinced that I have made the good list again this year as I have been remarkably well behaved all year! This morning I noticed that I had more empty socks than full socks on my advent calender and this made me super excited, only one week to go before the schools break up too so it's all beginning to look a lot like Christmas is just around the corner!

I've made a couple of cards this afternoon after spending a few hours this morning tidying my workshop - I can see the wood of my desk now :lol:

Just in case Santa Claus is watching - he'll have seen that I've tidied all ready so extra 'good list' points but I found a few things on my travels around the web that I think I really *need*!
A sweet cupcake pincushion from Betz White

A pattern to make this dinky little Owl bag from Melly & Me (I bought their dinosaur pattern yesterday from the Fat Quarters - I need this bag!

Cindy Gilchrist made this gorgeous card and I just know that my life won't be complete without some of that pom pom braid

Okay, my desk is tidy again and I'm off to read the Christmas Radio Times - if you aren't living in Britain and you don't get the Christmas Radio Times television listings magazine then you're missing out on a huge Christmas Tradition and quite honestly I don't know how you survive Christmas without it!!!


Ana Baird said...

Your blog is great! Love your projects!

GlitteryKatie said...

All gorgeous items- you evil temptress *grin*

have you seen here