Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dots ...

I love dotty papers, they make me feel so happy and I've come to the conclusion that they are my favourite type of patterned paper. I downloaded a new digital kit at the weekend that just so happens to have another dotty paper to add to my collection :)

Just because it doesn't feel right to share another blog post without a card I'm sharing this cute space rocket card with yet another piece of spotty dotty patterned paper. It's zooming off to a little boy I know who has a birthday really soon


I'm beginning to think of projects to work on when I head off for a scrapping weekend next weekend. I'm going all of about 2 miles to scrap with some friends for the weekend. I've warned them that I will have to lie on the floor for a bit of the weekend to straighten out my back but I have been doing more sitting down as opposed to lying down and my poorly back is definitely getting better. Thank goodness for that!!


Jeannette said...

Andrea, your Jar is Fab! Do you want to come and do my Kitchen???
I have loads of Dotty paper in Digi Kits just don't have the time to use them all.

Alex said...

Andrea, It's amazing what you can do with paper. I am very impressed. I will be stopping by your site more often!! :)