Thursday, July 03, 2008

Spider Alert ...

We bought some of that t-shirt transfer paper months ago but never actually got around to doing anything with it. Well, we needed a birthday present for a 5 year old boy who loves bugs of all sorts so we decided to make him a spider t-shirt. It was really easy to do, just follow the instructions on the packet.

I'm going away for a weekend crop tomorrow with some friends. I'm not exactly going far as the place where we're staying is on the other side of my hill, all of about 10 minutes drive away. I still haven't decided what projects to work on, perhaps I shall just take everything!!


Jeannette said...

What a fab present to recieve, I'm sure he'll love it! If he doesn't I'll have it LOL, not that it'll fit. Have a great time on your crop weekend.

Alex said...

This is absolutely adorable. My 6 year old nephew would love this!! :) What is it about little boys and spiders, ey?? ;-)

Happy 4th of July!