Friday, August 01, 2008

Organising Your Digital Supplies...

If you've been tempted to try any digital or hybrid craft work you'll probably be developing quite a collection of digital kits. Whilst there are several computer programmes for tagging and organising kits I've found the easiest method or organising the files and folders that I have is a system of folders on my External Hard Drive.
I have a folder for each of the main digital stores that I buy from or designers whose work I collect. For stores that sell work of several designers I have sub folders for each designer within the main store folder.
My system has been working fine since last year but there was something that has been bugging me for a while. When I viewed thumbnail images of my designer/store folders some had pictures of the kit preview but most didn't. The files that had a preview image were great as I could at least get some sort of idea of what they contained. Well this week someone on the Sweet Shoppe community forum told me how to change the preview picture of my folders and I thought I would share it on here.

Explore your computer drive with the digital kits stored on it.
Right click on the folder you would like to change and select properties
Select the customize tab and then select picture
select the preview or folder file of the kit or an appropriate file that represents the kit
Click on open, then apply and okHey presto! An organised and very pretty looking folder of digital kits.

I thought this system might be useful for organising your folders of photographs too.


jakey said...

First i'm going to try and organise my digi stuff... not that I have much but I do download things that catch my eye. Then i'm def going to sort them like this! Thank you for the helpful guide :-)
jk x

Sue said...

Thanks for this really great tip - up until now I was letting my desktop choose the picture in the thumbnail, but this is so much more useful.
Now I just need to go through all my folders (500GB of them!!) LOL

Tara said...

Learn something new everyday! I was just killin' some morning time, and saw your post about this...and it's something that has bugged ME, so I am very happy you shared how to fix this problem! THANKS! (Now my files are organized AND pretty!) Ü