Monday, August 25, 2008

Poor, neglected blog ...

Poor blog, it came way down on the list of priorities to sort out after coming back from Italy but I'm giving it some love now :)

Italy was wonderful, as it always is. We've never made our own way there, we usually go with a tour operator but this year we had loads of fun as we needed to change planes at Amsterdam airport. There was a sign beside our flight on the departure board that said 24 minutes - would you believe that is how long it took to walk from the centre of the airport to the gate! That place is enormous!! It's a shame that we spent 2 hours sitting on the runway after that as the engine conked out and we had to transfer onto another plane.

So Venice was lovely and hot, we spent most days by the pool but had a couple of adventures into Venice itself on the ferry. It's not every girl who has a ferry named after her!!

We managed to eat quite a few ice-creams :)

And just what you need after a day spent looking at the sites - a cold beer and a large pizza :) We went to this pizzeria behind our hotel as we'd stayed in Venice until late so we could cruise down the grand canal at sunset, which was very nice but we'd missed dinner in the hotel.

We also spent an afternoon in Burano, one of the islands in the lagoon. I've already used some of the photographs from that adventure to make a mini album.

I had a really lovely time and my back was better than any of us had imagined it would be, it still hurt etc. and I spent almost the whole time either lying on my sun lounger getting a tan or swimming in the pool and we had the two days out having an adventure. I was really pleased with how things went and I'm really looking forward to going back to work next week!!!


Giulia said...

Hi from Italy! :0)

Jeannette said...

Andrea, so glad you had a great time. It brought back memories looking at your photo's, we were there at the end of May. I love your Mini Album and may have to lift that if you don't mind. Welcome back to Blogland.

weehaggis said...

Love your photos of Burano - very jealous of your trip. I love Venice and maybe one day I'll see it in the sunshine :)

GlitteryKatie said...

Andrea it looks FABULOUS!!! so glad your back behaved and you had such a lovely time!!

jakey said...

Great to see you back bloggin! Looks like you had a fantastic time too :-)

I love the mini book and hedgehog card!

jk x

Desaree said...

Wow the pictures from your trip are beautiful along with the album you made. I also may have to lift the pretty book. Thanks for sharing.
Your blog by far is loads and loads of inspiration as well as