Thursday, December 18, 2008

Nearly time for Santa...

Only 1 week to go until Santa comes to my house - I am sure he will be leaving quite a substantial pile of parcels under my tree as I have been a very, very good girl all year!

However I am seriously behind on any preparations for the big day and for a girl who spends all year making cards I have sent about 5 and haven't even thought about writing the rest yet and they will be shop bought. I have a load of presents still to buy, no wrapping paper and a million things still to do. One of the things still to do is fix my laptop which is running so slow it is practically going backwards and the battery pack has died so won't charge up

I do have some crafty projects to share from the past couple of weeks


noora said...

absolutely lovely ideas you have here once again! Love your blog!

Betty Jo said...

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas Andrea. I adore these cards, especially the one with the Christmas pudding; it's beautiful!! Wishing you a super creative and healthy New Year!! xoxo