Sunday, June 07, 2009

Packing Up...

The weather where I live has been glorious for the past week so why is it that it's gone from 26 degrees on Tuesday to only 9 degrees today with wind and rain and I am taking some of the children I teach on a residential holiday this week? If you are into thinking hopeful thoughts - or even doing a sunshine dance - please think of the 6 kids and 5 adults who are off to Kielder this week. I am trying to pack for all weathers but so far all I have is my fleece, my gloves and my blanket!
Amongst sorting stuff out for going away this week, looking after Haggis who is feeling a bit off colour (doggies, iffy tummies and cream carpets aren't a good combination) I have managed to make some cards

The Lilypad released their BYOC kits this week and I just couldn't resist this cute little submarine in Jacque's paper set.

Kate made some fab golf doodles which will be perfect for making the golf mad male family members birthday cards

And I nearly fell off my chair when I saw this house boot element in Krystals new kit over at the Sweet Shoppe so I had to use it for a new home card


Anonymous said...

Andrea here is a message from sunny spain, 35 degs tobe exact, bit hot for me and dad!! Glad little Haggis is ok ' please put some pictures u fo him nd we will try nd have a look at the next hotel which will be in Cordoba ' hope yu get this message tonight, lots of lovefrom Mam xxxx funny keyboard,so couldnt put in the right email address fo rme

Anonymous said...

i love your cards! they are just fantastic. I can't imagine the amount of time you put into them. i have bookmarked your blog just to admire your work.