Sunday, January 03, 2010

I got an award ...

My lovely, and extremely talented friend Jane has given me a blog award. She said very nice things about me on her blog and I really want to say lovely things about her too but can't think of the right way of saying things that don't make me sound gushing and over the top. However, just to say that Jane is an extremely talented cardmaker and papercrafter, generous, loving and kind. She makes me giggle, enables my addiction to spending money on craft products and is a wonderful friend to have.

Now, I have to pass on my award to some other creative friends. I'd like to pass it on to Jean, Gail and Nat.
Jean is so lovely, puts up with my grumblings at crops when I stick things in the wrong place, colour in with the wrong colour etc. because I am talking too much and she also supports me in my quest to fill my life with sparklyness by selling lovely shimmeryness in her shop :) She also makes delicious food and fills up my tummy.
Gail is super talented, can always think of much more interesting things to do with paper than I can and makes me laugh - Tim Holtz also loves her and not everyone can say that now can they!!
Nat makes the most gorgeous cards, she has an addiction to KI Memories products and makes cute stuff :)


Effie said...

Thank you!..... if I can figure out how to do it I will pass it on!

Natty said...

Aw thanks Andrea, that's so sweet of you. :D