Monday, February 01, 2010

News From The Sweet Shoppe ...

Today sees the launch of the February Challenge Portfolio at Sweet Shoppe Designs and I have been responsible for the big hybrid challenge. The challenge system works like this: at the start of each month the challenge portfolio is rolled out, it's a variety of inspiring challenges each worth 1, 2 or 5 points and these build up to a gift card for up to 40% (for 30 points) to spend in the store. The big hybrid challenge is worth 10 points so it's big business.
The February hybrid challenge is to create a '10 Things ...' mini album. I chose to do 'Our Summer In 10' and it's a record of what we saw, places we went and what we did during the summer. But it's open to interpretation and anything you'd like to record in 1 - 10 format would work for the points.

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Fee said...

Ooh Andi, what a lovely book. I especially liked page 5 with Haggis and his ice cream LOL.