Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sorting and Tidying ...

I have spent hours this week sorting and tidying and purging my craft room, lots has been sent to the local tip, passed onto friends, my paper recycling bin is full and we took a huge box of paper and card to the church for children's crafts. I really cut back on my ribbons and filled a large basket to give to a friend, stuff I hadn't even looked at during the last 8 months or so. It was amazing what I found that I had forgotten I owned. At least I can craft on my desk now and I can see what I have in my cupboards.
See the city stamp up there ^^ just one of the things I found that I had never used so it got the ink treatment to make this sweet Beep Beep birthday card. My delivery of clear cardblanks came at the weekend and I am really loving using them too.
Woodware roller stamp, digital car (recoloured) by Melissa Bennett Designs, paper from Pink Petticoat and a few doodled clouds :)