Thursday, April 03, 2008

I'm so lucky...

I was invited to be a guest Creative Team member for Catscrap for April and May. How lucky am I? So I've been playing with some of their digital kits, can't share yet, but I did make another card with the Madam Mim Fish in the Sea kit. I've used this before but I love it and never pass up an opportunity to use it!

I've also been playing with Kay Miller's latest kit which is just adorable, I couldn't resist making this sweet shaped house card and the papers in the kit are to die for so don't be suprised if you see them popping up on all sorts of other projects :)

This morning I had a package delivered, I signed up to test out a scrapping product and it arrived today. When I opened the parcel I thought 'oh dear, adhesive tape runner'. I have an ongoing hate of herma glue runners and threw them all out and prefer to use my glossy accents and double sided tape. BUT I am pleasantly suprised as it's actually made up of tiny portions of double sided tape.

I used it this afternoon to make my cards and it's really nice, very sticky and coped well with adhering thick glossy photopaper to my cardblanks.

I thought you might like to see my state of the art workshop area - on the living room floor :lol: I've been down here for a few months now (obviously not 24 hours a day - I do move around, go for short walks and occasionally become a real human being and wander around the supermarket!!) and have worn quite a groove in the living room rug.


Betty Jo said...

Months! You've been on the floor for months!!?? Oh Dear, I thought this was a temporary back thing. Although your spot is beautiful, and filled with light, I can't imagine you being there for months, on the floor that is. Your cards are sooooooo gorgeous! I was just over looking at Kay's new kit and your card using the elements is scrumptious. Kay is a dear friend and one of the best designers on the net in my estimation. I finally got a blog entry up if you want to come by for a peek. xoxo

Unknown said...

CONGRATS about your guest member spot! That's so exciting!!

I love the cards you made!! They are so fabulous!! :)

Corie said...

Your cards are adorable!!

Pink Rufflez said...

Your work is absolutely wonderful. The originality and workmanship is inspiring. Thank you for sharing and congratulation on your guest member spot; I am looking forward to seeing more of your art.