Thursday, April 17, 2008

This week ...

This week has just flown by, it's Thursday already and I want to know what happened to Monday and Tuesday!!

Last week I was so happy for my card to recognised over at CPS, this week I got invited to join two new Creative Teams, I was selected as Artist of the week over at My Scrapbook Art and Papercrafts sent me an email requesting a card to be published in their Card Creations 6 magazine. I am so happy and thankful for all the love being shared in this crafting world.

I'm still waiting for an appointment to the hospital and whilst I've been waiting I've filled in my time with crafty stuff. A few things that I can't share just yet but these were some of the cards I made for The LilyPad designers at the weekend, I realised tonight that I hadn't shared them. Before that though I just wanted to say the colours aren't too good in the photographs because it was really late when I managed to take the photographs - but - I'm waiting for a mini photographic studio to be delivered so hopefully I can just put my cards in that, turn on the little lights and I'll get brilliant lighting for my creations at any time of day or night. Hmmm, we'll wait and see on that one I think.

(credits in my LilyPad gallery)

I've been on a blog hopping journey this week and want to point you in the right direction for some card making eye candy!





Dawn said...

I love that top card Andrea gorgeous.
Congrats on getting into the papercrafts mag.
You must have a grin on like Garfield the cat.

If you want anymore nesties cut just holler.

Kopperhead said...

Congratulations to you! The pretty frilly lacy card on top is so beautiful, and love the rock star one also. Great work, as usual!